“Let me make one thing clear, and Fatema, you better make a good note about this. The understanding is this, because we don’t want confusion over this. Let’s clear as many doubts we possibly can at this stage. The trustees that are going to be appointed now will hold the capital. They will not be responsible to this conference or any other conference in the future. They’ll form their own sets of rules, they’ll go for registration to the government and carry out the requirements of the Trust Acts. They will then appoint managers and it will be only them who can remove the managers, replace them or renew them. They will not again be subject to elections at meetings like this. In other words we are creating a body that we entirely trust to carry on with the emotions that are expressed here today. If our emotions change, if anything happens, the trustees then will decide whether this is the reason why the trust was originally set up or not and then they can deviate the income to any other body. We can only ask them to issue the guidance, that the money should be spent this way. So let us be clear once and for all that these trustees, once we appoint them, we are surrendering our right to reject them or remove them from office. So let’s not have any misunderstanding about that.”

Fazlehusein Kapasi (‘The Life of a Reformist Bohra’)