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21 April

Bees Bees Bees!

“There comes forth from their (bee’s) bellies, a drink of varying colour wherein is healing for men.” (Qur’an, Surah An-Nahl 16:69) The importance of bees to nature itself cannot be understated. Numerous scientific and spiritual sources all speak the silent (or not so silent) but immutable role that bees play in our lives. Globally there […]

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17 April

Read, Read and then Read some more!

‘Recite in the name of your Lord who created’ ‘And your Lord is the most generous – who taught by the pen, taught man that which he knew not’. Quran (96 :1-5) Education and knowledge brings us closer to understanding any topic. Don’t trust the internet or social media posts like this on which to base […]

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16 April

Eat What’s in Season

Surah Al-Anam identifies waste that occurs with consumption of food outside of its natural season. “Eat of their fruit in season” implies that this is better for us than, for example, importing grapes from halfway around the world. It is possible that this one simple command might have spared us all from global warming had […]

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14 April


Are you ready to take our Ramadan (and beyond) REDUCE – REUSE – RENEW challenge? First up (it’s a big one) – REDUCE YOUR MEAT CONSUMPTION! Not only is it good for you but it is also necessary to protect our planet. By cutting down your meat consumption this Ramadan (and beyond) you can help […]

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13 April

Be GREENER this Ramadan

We kick start this years REDUCE – REUSE – RENEW RAMADAN series with a video shared by a community friend (and previous guest speaker) Zinnath Moti. Zinnath is passionate about reducing waste and sharing her knowledge on living a more environmentally friendly life. Here she shares some tips for a GREENER Ramadan… Greener Ramadan video