Surah Al-Anam identifies waste that occurs with consumption of food outside of its natural season. “Eat of their fruit in season” implies that this is better for us than, for example, importing grapes
from halfway around the world. It is possible that this one simple command might have spared us all from global warming had we simply followed the guidance from Islam. Just think of all the fossil fuel emissions we might have avoided by eating locally and only what is in season.
Today it’s so easy to transport food long distances that we take it for granted that we can eat fresh berries in January or have avocados any day of the year. Yet many of us have no clue when fruits and veggies are actually in season where we live.
As little as 100 years ago, most people knew the best time to pick blueberries or which vegetables would grow best in their area and when. Now our modern lifestyle of convenience has caused us to lose touch with these basic ideas.
Even if you aren’t growing a garden (which you totally should!), knowing what is in season, and eating to match that, is still important. Here are some of the best reasons to eat in season and some pretty sweet benefits that come along with it.
Eating seasonally is better for your health, the environment, your budget and it tastes better!
Here is a great seasonal calendar to help you know what to buy
You can also try shopping at your local farmer market this Ramadan or even choose to have local, fresh, seasonal veg delivered direct to your door.
Here is a link to some of the best local organic veg box schemes.