Are you ready to take our Ramadan (and beyond) REDUCE – REUSE – RENEW challenge?
First up (it’s a big one) – REDUCE YOUR MEAT CONSUMPTION!
Not only is it good for you but it is also necessary to protect our planet. By cutting down your meat consumption this Ramadan (and beyond) you can help tackle these issues, to name just a few :
– Reduce greenhouse gases
– Improve animal welfare
– Save the Amazon rainforest from destruction (massive cattle is responsible for 75% of deforested areas in the Amazon)
– Reduce world hunger (80% of global soy production is used as livestock feed)
As if that wasn’t enough, we should also think about the way we’re treating animals before they are slaughtered. We should question if this is really in accordance with the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and if so is the meat we’re currently eating REALLY halal?

You might want to consider Organic Halal Meat as a more ethical option. Here are a list of UK Organic Halal Meat suppliers :
1. Halal & Tayyib Foods
Halal & Tayyib Foods (H&T Foods) was established back in 2010 and they have worked to make quality halal, higher welfare, free range and organically reared chicken, an option available to everyone. They also sell organically reared lamb on their website.
2. Willowbrook Farm
Started by Lutfi Radwan and wife Ruby in Oxfordshire, their family home is the UK’s first organic halal farm. They have grown from supplying family & friends to customers across the UK.
3. Halal Exotic Meats
Providing Organic free ranged lambs, “Our Organic lambs are naturally reared on the Organic Lush Green Fields of Yorkshire. If you require any specific organic lamb cuts, please email us with your specifications.”
4. Abraham Organics
Abrahams Halal, tayyib, and ethical meat provide a range of lamb, free range whole chicken, and chicken breast.
5. Healthy Halal
Healthy Halal operates a “free to roam” in open fields policy with 100% natural feed for animals. They have marinated options and subscription boxes on offer too.