Virtual Ramadan 2020

With the world in lockdown, Ramadan this year is going to look very different, as we stay home in order to save lives. So here we are saying hello to a new virtual world, helping us to stay connected and offer us a sense of comfort and community at this challenging time.

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Message from our President

A Pehli Raat and Ramadan Mubarak message from our DBWS GB president Haki Kapasi…

‘As-salam alaykum everyone. Ramadan is just around the corner, and I am sure you will agree, this is going to be a strange one. One of the joys of Ramadan is meeting together as a community and praying and eating together. We will, of course, miss that but everyone has risen to the challenge of isolation and used technology to bring us all together. We have compressed change and accelerated and leapt to a new normal. Amazingly, we have also managed to bring most elders with us as technology becomes the new norm. Horror and beauty are juxtaposed in ways we hadn’t dreamt of. We have the terrifying prospect of catching a virus for which there is no cure set against air that is clean and clear, where marine life is thriving and the natural environment flourishing. People are facing the horrible prospect of losing their jobs whilst others are relishing the time they now have of nurturing their relationships. This Ramadan is an unique opportunity, particularly for those who are not working, to contemplate on what matters to you and focus on that. Terry Waite, who was taken hostage in Lebanon and kept in isolation for over four years said that in that time he journeyed inwards. That is not a bad place to being this Ramadan. Our loss of contact with others is an opportunity to go inwards and re-discover our innate spirituality and re-discover the blessings that lay there. Ramadan Mubarak everyone, wishing you all a peaceful month that is spiritually nourishing and, inshallah, see you all again soon’

Haki Kapasi

(P.s. this photo was taken as part of a fun social media post a few years ago)


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