Membership System


What is the online membership system?

  1. What is the online membership system?
    The online membership system is the new way for the DBWS to manage its membership.
  2. What if I’m already a member?
    All existing members will need to register as though they are new members and go through the approval process.
  3. Why do I need to re-register?
    Due to Data Protection regulations (GDPR) and Gift Aid declarations.
  4. What are the benefits of the membership system?
    It will streamline the membership process and allow us to keep accurate and timely records. It will produce a member database that will allow us to print an accurate address book when required. It will free up the committees’ time to focus on other projects, increasing long term value to the community.
  5. What if I don’t have an email address?
    All users will require a unique username. However, those members without an email address can be registered using the email of a relative. This relative will then receive all that members communications as well as their own.
  6. Does everyone is the family need to register?
    Yes, all members must register otherwise they will not be ‘known’ to the Society.
  7. What happens with ‘Head of Family?
    If you check the ‘Head of Family’ box you will be listed in the address book. Only 1 person in any family group can be the head of family. If you want to have more than 1 person in a household as ‘Head of Family’ you will need to remove them and have them as a separate member entry.
    i.e. Grandad, Grandmother, Dad, Mum and 2 children in the house.
    If Grandad is in address book and Dad (or mum) wants their name in the address book they would need to remove their name from the family and setup a new one. i.e. 1st  family – Grandad & Grandmother  ; 2nd family – Dad, Mum, 2 children both with same address details.
  8. What happens after I complete my registration?
    Once you’ve signed up, added your address details and made your declarations (GDPR, Gift Aid and Contact methods), you will receive email confirmation of your registration; you are not yet an approved member.
    Your local committee will then approve your membership and you will then receive a second confirmation for you to complete the process.

(For a video tutorial of the sign up process, click here)